Berlin zone map

Berlin abc zone map. Berlin zone map (Germany) to print. Berlin zone map (Germany) to download. Berlin and the surrounding regions as its shown in the berlin zone map are divided into fare zones A, B and C: the fare zone Berlin A includes the city center of Berlin, including the S-Bahn-Ring. The fare zone Berlin B begins outside the S-Bahn ring and reaches to the city limits and the fare zone Berlin C includes both the outskirts of Berlin e. g. and the city of Potsdam.
The berlin zone AB day ticket is 7,00 Euro its reduced rate is 4,70 Euro 5-day ticket . The WelcomeCard of berlin is 36,50 Euro 4 one-way tickets: 9,00 Euro Group ticket (max 5 persons) is 19,90 Euro (day ticket). Whenever zone AB: One way ticket: 2,80; reduced rate: 1,70 Euro and for short distance: 1,70; its reduced rate: 1,30 Euro. For ABC zone (berlin zone map): One way ticket is: 3,40 Euro; itsreduced fare: 2,50 Euro
It is essential to be in possession of a valid ticket of berlin ABC zone before starting the trip (see berlin zone map). It is not possible to stamp tickets inside the trains. Berlin ABC zone tickets must be stamped in one of the stamping machines on the subway or S-Bahn platform (or inside buses or streetcars). Getting caught without an ABC ticket during a control (controls are often carried out by official inspectors dressed in plain clothes) is an expensive and unpleasant experience. A French translation is displayed in the ticket machines at each station.