Berlin walking tour map

Walking tour of berlin map. Berlin walking tour map (Germany) to print. Berlin walking tour map (Germany) to download. Join us on this all-inclusive one of a kind Essential Berlin History Walking Tour Event (berlin walking tour map). This tour is the best way to explore Berlin history, major landmarks, and modern secrets. Hundreds of hours have gone into the research, route, and partners for this tour. We believe this is the most comprehensive and fun walking tour of the German capital. Come explore Berlin in a way that was not available until now, and you wont find in your guide books.

Walking tour of berlin map

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The private city tour takes you on an individual walking tour of Berlin accompanied by a professional city guide. Ideal for office outings, school trips or simply for a personal walking tour of Berlin, the private tour leads you to famous sights, historical places and major boulevards in the city centre (see berlin walking tour map).
We offer you a whole day trip to the Biosphere reserve of Spreewald with berlin walking tour: a great experience. Berlin forested areas and wetlands are crossed by canals fed by the Spree River, we will explore them with either bikes, kayaks or gondola. Many charming towns where a very special culture can be experienced, great food and luscious nature, just 80 km away from Berlin (as its shown in berlin walking tour map).