Berlin cycle map

Berlin bike map. Berlin cycle map (Germany) to print. Berlin cycle map (Germany) to download. Berlin is not, on the surface of it, a classic cycling city (berlin cycle map). The public transport system actually works, so you dont need to saddle up to be sure of reaching your destination on time. A portmanteau of two capitals, it is also huge, and so getting from one side of it to the other by cycle can really test your legs. Plus there are cobbles all over the shop. Despite all this, berlin is a really marvellous place to cycle.
As an economical and environmentally friendly means of transport, the cycle is particularly popular with Berliners. In some neighborhoods, you can see them everywhere (see berlin cycle map). Numerous cycle paths in berlin have been created. Designed on the sidewalks, these paths are exclusively reserved for cyclists. Pedestrians, be careful. There are more and more accidents, sometimes fatal, which worries Berliners themselves; never let your attention wander.