Berlin tourist attractions map

Berlin city map with attractions. Berlin tourist attractions map (Germany) to print. Berlin tourist attractions map (Germany) to download. From its fashion to its architecture to its political history attractions, Berlin has always been edgy. The Berlin Wall one of the impressive attractions in berlin tourist attractions map, which is a sobering reminder of the hyper-charged postwar atmosphere, and yet the graffiti art that now covers its remnants has become symbolic of social progress. Check out the Weltzeituhr (world time) Clock, topped by a model of the solar system, then turn back time by dining at the historic Zur Letzten Instanz, a 16th century restaurant that was frequented by Napoleon and Beethoven.

Berlin city map with attractions

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A landmark of more conventional historic preservation and one of berlin best attractions is the heavily restored Reichstag building. The decision to restore the former parliament house (see berlin tourist attractions map) in the 1970s was a controversial one—this berlin building had been torched in the early days of Hitler chancellorship (a key event in his assumption of dictatorial powers) and heavily bombarded during the final Soviet offensive in April 1945.
The neo-Romanesque Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche (Church of Remembrance of Emperor Wilhelm) was built during the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II in honor of his grandfather, Kaiser Wilhelm I (as its shown in berlin tourist attractions map). The church of berlin was not a building of particular importance until it was destroyed by bombs during the Allied attacks in World War II. In 1950, it was planned to demolish it, but the citizens were opposed to it and it was decided to create a memorial from the remains of the church, then it becomes one of the best attractions in berlin.