Mall of berlin map

Map of mall of berlin. Mall of berlin map (Germany) to print. Mall of berlin map (Germany) to download. Located between Potsdamer Platz and Friedrichstraße (as its shown in mall of berlin map), the Mall of Berlin shopping centre at Leipziger Platz offers various shopping facilities on four floors and a vast food court. The shopping area at the Mall of Berlin covers 76,000 square metres and is home to about 270 fashion, shoe and consumer electronic retailers, but also gift shops, a large food court and a supermarket. The building complex of mall of berlin also includes places of entertainment, restaurants, a hotel, offices and apartments.

Map of mall of berlin

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In the basement of the mall of berlin, visitors can shop for gifts, cosmetics and convenience goods. While the ground floor of the mall of berlin (see mall of berlin map ) accommodates upmarket fashion labels and fashion accessories, the shops on the first floor offer a selection of less pricey everyday fashion, footwear and jewellery. Stores of berlin mall on the second floor sell children clothes. The food court is located on the second floor as well.
Architectural highlight of the building of mall of berlin is the piazza at the centre of the shopping mall. Situated under a vast curved glass roof (as its shown in the mall of berlin map), mall of berlin offers views of the House of Lords of Prussia (seat of the German Federal Council) and protects shoppers from the elements. With more than 1,000 spaces, the underground car park of mall of berlin provides ample parking opportunities.