Berlin central station map

Berlin central bus station map. Berlin central station map (Germany) to print. Berlin central station map (Germany) to download. The berlin central station, ZOB, is located in Berlin western district Charlottenburg, opposite the International Congress Centre ICC und the exhibition grounds under the Funkturm as its shown in berlin central station map. From ZOB remote buses run to destinations throughout Germany and Europe. At the central bus station ZOB Berlin video monitored lockers are available. Depending on their size, using them costs 2 to 5 Euro per day.

Berlin central bus station map

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The central bus station of berlin is located in fare zone B as you can see in berlin central station map. If you plan to travel outside of this fare zone to the surrounding region, you will need to purchase a BC ticket. The S-Bahn station, Messe Nord/ICC is also part of fare zone A, so you will need an AB ticket to travel to the city center of berlin. Ticket machines are located on the train platforms at the Messe Nord/ICC.