Berlin u bahn map

Map berlin u bahn. Berlin u bahn map (Germany) to print. Berlin u bahn map (Germany) to download. Berlin u bahn system consists of 9 lines, all of them with underground parts and some others that go up to the surface. Line U1 (green as its shown in berlin u bahn map): Inaugurated in 1902, this is one of the oldest lines in Berlin, crossing the city from east to west from Uhlandstraße station to Warschauer Straße. The u bahn line has some interesting stops for tourists, such as Kurfürstendamm, where you can see the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, or Wittenbergplatz, located next to the famous KaDeWe shopping mall.
The berlin u bahn Line U2 (red): It is one of the oldest subway lines in berlin and has an interesting route. It starts at the Ruhleben station in the west of the city, moves east and ends in the north with the Pankow station. The u bahn line 2 makes stops at some of the most important places in Berlin, such as Alexanderplatz and Potsdamer Platz as its shown in berlin u bahn map.
The berlin u bahn line U3 (blue-green): Line U3 runs between Krumme Lanke station in the southwest of the city and Nollendorfplatz in central Berlin (see the berlin u bahn map). This is a line that is not very useful for tourists unless your hotel is located at one of its stops. Berlin u bahn line U4 (yellow): With less than three kilometers long and only five stations, the U4 line is the shortest line in Berlin. Opened in 1910, the line runs the shortest distance between Nollendorfplatz and Innsbrucker Platz.
The berlin u bahn line U5 (brown): Line U5 runs from the east of the city and starts at the Hönow station and ends at the iconic Alexanderplatz station (see the berlin u bahn map). This is a useful line if you want to reach the famous district of Friedrichshain with its Frankfurter Tor station. From here you can walk to Simon Dache Strasse, a good place to eat. Currently, part of the future extension of the u bahn line 5 of berlin has been named the U55 line. It will run from Alexanderplatz to Hauptbahnhof. Today, the line has only 3 stations which were built in 2009; it runs from Hauptbahnhof to Brandenburger Tor and passes through the Parliament.