Tiergarten berlin map

Map of tiergarten berlin. Tiergarten berlin map (Germany) to print. Tiergarten berlin map (Germany) to download. The Tiergarten is the lung of berlin. Located in the very center of Berlin (see tiergarten berlin map), it is truly immense: it is three kilometers long and one kilometer wide, with cafés, a panoramic view and a zoo. Sprinkled with lakes and paths, the Tiergarten Park of berlin is the ideal place for a bike ride, a picnic or a bucolic nap. Unless you prefer a boat trip on the New Lake (Neuer See), or sip a lemonade in a café or biergarten (beer garden) where it is so refreshing in summer.

Map of tiergarten berlin

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The Tiergarten is at the same time the district of parliament, government, diplomacy and the largest park in berlin (see tiergarten berlin map). Formerly the hunting reserve of the Hohenzollern, the Tiergarten is Berlin most popular green lung due to its geographical centrality. Berliners and many tourists gather here for a walk, a relaxing moment, a picnic, a bike ride, a soccer game or a Sunday grill party. Nowadays, the district includes the Regierungsviertel, Potsdamer Platz, Kulturforum as well as the Diplomatenviertel.