Steglitz berlin map

Map of steglitz berlin. Steglitz berlin map (Germany) to print. Steglitz berlin map (Germany) to download. Steglitzer Schloßstraße is one of the largest shopping streets in the map of Berlin with department stores and boutiques. In steglitz berlin, trademarks are the traffic circle, a complex of buildings with a high-rise tower and the futuristic beer brush, which was originally designed as a restaurant. To the west of steglitz berlin, especially up to Lepsiusstraße, there are beautiful old buildings with many trees.

Map of steglitz berlin

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"A villa in the greenery, with a large terrace, in front of the Ostsee, behind Friedrichstraße" - according to Kurt Tucholsky, all Berliners have the same dream. And Peter Fox, almost a century later, also sang the typical Berlin wish for a lakeside house. In Steglitz, in the southwest of Berlin map, you can make this dream come true - here there are many villas built right on the lake. But steglitz has a lot more to offer: it is a resting place and a shopping area at the same time, a castle landscape and a university campus, a villa complex and a concentrate of history. The district of steglitz consists of seven localities: Wannsee, Nikolassee, Zehlendorf, Dahlem, Lichterfelde, Steglitz and Lankwitz. Come to Steglitz-Zehlendorf and discover the many facets of this neighborhood.