Spandau berlin map

Map of spandau berlin. Spandau berlin map (Germany) to print. Spandau berlin map (Germany) to download. If you land at Tegel Airport, you fly in over Spandau (see spandau berlin map). From the air, Berlin most westerly borough largely appears to be meadows and green forests. The waters of the River Havel and large and smaller lakes glitter in the sunlight. And this birds-eye-view is not an illusion – Spandau forests are perfect for cyclists and hikers, and the lakes ideal for swimmers and canoeists. The water quality is excellent, with many lake shore and river beaches packed with local families in summer.

Map of spandau berlin

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Spandau, one of Berlin largest boroughs (as its shown in spandau berlin map), has a wealth of history to explore. Spandau roots go back to the thirteenth century when it was founded as a medieval fortress town. Down the centuries, spandau has experienced many changes – and the traces are evident everywhere. The Zitadelle Berlin (Citadel), the borough most impressive historical monument, is just a few minutes walk from Spandau old town.