Charlottenburg berlin map

Map of charlottenburg berlin. Charlottenburg berlin map (Germany) to print. Charlottenburg berlin map (Germany) to download. Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf (its administrative title—again uniting two formerly distinct neighborhoods) is the nicer in berlin. charlottenburg is cleaner and more civilized than other sections of berlin, but for many people that also means it is more boring. charlottenburg is ideal for upscale families and older people, it also has some of the best Asian restaurants in berlin (plus a wildly popular market). There is a palace, a museum lined with Picassos, and shopping is done for sport (see the charlottenburg berlin map).

Map of charlottenburg berlin

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Breathe in Berlin royal past while walking through the gardens of beautiful Charlottenburg Palace (charlottenburg berlin map), which lends its name to this well-heeled neighbourhood. In charlottenburg you will find some of the oldest homes in berlin: upper-class apartment buildings with ornate facades and marble-floored foyers line the cobblestone streets. charlottenburg is stroll by sophisticated restaurants, through little parks, or around Lake Lietzensee. Window shop down Kurfürstendamm, the most renowned high-end shopping street in Berlin, where you can find all the big designer names.