Map of central berlin

Berlin centrum map. Map of central berlin (Germany) to print. Map of central berlin (Germany) to download. Just north of Mitte in the map of central berlin, this pleasant, gentrified neighbourhood is characterised by cobbled, tree-lined streets and squares that are lined with independent boutiques, chic coffee shops and an array of diverse restaurants. With the exception of the impressive berlin Kulturbrauerei (a 19th-century brewery turned into a cultural and commercial area of central berlin), there is not much in the way of tourist sights, but its laid-back ambiance makes it popular with families and urban strollers.
In the map of central berlin, its mentioned the Church of Mary (Marienkirche), and the Museum Island, on which are located the Old (Altes) and New (Neues) museums, the National Gallery (Nationalgalerie), the Bode Museum, and Pergamon Museum with its famous Greek altar of Zeus. Most of these museums are Neoclassical buildings designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel and his disciples. Also in central berlin are the Town Hall, seat of the state parliament (Rotes Rathaus), built of red brick; the former State Council and Central Committee Building; and the rebuilt St. Hedwig’s Cathedral, which dates from 1747 and which was the first Roman Catholic church to be built in Berlin after the Reformation.
A 1,197-foot (365-metre) television tower erected by the communist state dominates central Berlin. The tower of berlin (its shown in map of central berlin), completed in 1969 to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of East Germany, commands the Berlin skyline and is adjacent to the Alexanderplatz. Nearby once stood the Palace of the Republic (Palast der Republik). The berlin building, which opened in 1976 as the new seat of the East German parliament (Volkskammer), occupied the site of the former palace of the Prussian and German kings and kaisers.