Berlin rivers map

Map of berlin rivers. Berlin rivers map (Germany) to print. Berlin rivers map (Germany) to download. Berlin has more bridges than Venice (as its shown in berlin rivers map). The German capital and the surrounding state of Brandenburg together have Europe largest network of inland waterways. Berlin has more than twenty lakes and bathing beaches. One of the oldest is Wannsee beach - fondly called the Berliners bathtub by the locals. The lake is also a popular starting point for boat tours into the city center. First you cruise the two rivers of berlin along the River Havel past the Grunewald, a large forested area in western Berlin, then on the River Spree, which flows 46 kilometers through Berlin.

Map of berlin rivers

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Spree River, river in northeastern Germany (as its shown in berlin rivers map), rising in the Lusatian Mountains just above Neugersdorf and flowing north past Bautzen and Spremberg, where it splits temporarily into two arms. After it passes Cottbus, the berlin river divides into a network of channels, forming a marshy wooded region that is known as the Spree Forest as far as Lübben. It then passes Fürstenwalde and Köpenick and winds through Berlin in several branches to join the Havel River (a tributary of the Elbe) at Spandau after a course of 250 miles (403 km).