Berlin 3d map

Map of berlin 3d. Berlin 3d map (Germany) to print. Berlin 3d map (Germany) to download. Berlin urban territory as its shown in berlin 3d map is further divided into three functional spaces arranged in concentric halos. The Innenstadt (Innenstadt, including a central 3d area from berlin west around the Zoologischer Garten train station to the historic center including Alexanderplatz) covers about 100 km² (the size of the city of Paris), the Ringbahn area of berlin (on both sides of the S-Bahn belt) and the outer urban space (from the Ringbahn to the city limits).
The state of Berlin is still divided into 23 districts (Bezirke) as its mentioned in berlin 3d map. Following a territorial reform, the situation will change as of January 1, 2001. The merging of certain 3d territorial entities in berlin should allow for a more efficient administration, which will now be carried out by means of 12 districts with a comparable population and economic strength. This administrative reform also serves as a basis for the merger within the same district within the city of Bezirke, which was formerly located in the West and East of berlin.