Kreuzberg street art map

Map of kreuzberg street art. Kreuzberg street art map (Germany) to print. Kreuzberg street art map (Germany) to download. Beyond the atmosphere, Kreuzberg is a must-see neighborhood during your visit to Berlin because it is home to historic street art (see kreuzberg street art map), some of which is world-renowned. These works in kreuzberg street art are also an alternative way to discover Berlin history in a different way, through the eyes of local or international artists, away from the classic tourist trails.

Map of kreuzberg street art

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In the popular Kreuzberg district of berlin, street art is omnipresent (see kreuzberg street art map). Tags, murals, there are some on almost every street corner. The most famous urban works are certainly those of the Italian artist Blu, who uses his murals to denounce war, violence, greed, pollution, manipulation or modern slavery. The best known in kreuzberg street art is on a facade of the building next to the Oberbaumsbrücke, but unfortunately the artist removed and covered in black his two other successes painted in the former squat of the Curvy-Brache.