Txl airport map

Txl berlin airport map. Txl airport map (Germany) to print. Txl airport map (Germany) to download. Coming from the north, the txl airport can be reached directly via the A111 motorway. The “Berliner Ring” orbital motorway A10 is connected to the A111 by the “Kreuz Oranienburg” interchange (txl airport map). Passengers in the txl airport entire catchment area therefore have ideal links to the airport at their disposal. Coming from the south and Berlin city centre, you can join the A111 from the A100 motorway. From Potsdam, passengers can take the A115 and then join the city motorway to reach txl airport.

Txl berlin airport map

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Berlin txl airport has presently four operational passenger terminals - TC, TB, TA, TE & TD - (as its shown in txl airport map) arranged around the circle road in that succession - the first Terminal when entering the txl airport is Terminal C. The Flight Tower is between TC & TB (closer to TB). Terminals A & B are connected at their gate areas, Terminals E & D are south of TB.
Terminal A of txl airport is the largest of the terminals, built in a hexagon shape with short-term parking in its center, surrounded by road with access to the unsecured areas of the terminal (see txl airport map). TA is adjacent to terminals B & E. The large 'Boulevard Tegel' in front of TA offers information & other services, and - after security check - leads via two separate entrances to gates A0 - A15 surrounding the outside of the hexagon-shaped building. Transportation means for and to txl airport (local bus, intercity coaches) depart on ground level 0, across from TA & TB. Security checks are located past passenger check-in facilities located in the unsecured areas of the terminals.