Berlin s bahn map

S bahn map. Berlin s bahn map (Germany) to print. Berlin s bahn map (Germany) to download. A central axis of Berlin transport system is the east-west line of the s bahn which connects the stations Westkreuz and Ostkreuz as its shown in berlin s bahn map. In peak periods and under ideal conditions the trains S5, S7 and S75 run in three minute intervals. The berlin s bahn section between the stations Zoo and Alexanderplatz is especially worth seeing. There, the S-Bahn passes landmarks like the Victory Column, Central Station, Museum Island and Hackescher Markt.
The so-called Ringbahn runs around Berlin city centre on a route of about 37 kilometres (see the berlin s bahn map). The berlin s bahn stops at 27 stations and needs approximately 60 minutes to circle around the city. Many stations of the Ringbahn have links to s bahn and u bahn lines running to the city centre or outskirts of Berlin. Important junctions of the Ringbahn are the stations Westkreuz, Gesundbrunnen Ostkreuz and Südkreuz. The Ringbahn consists of the s bahn lines S41 and S42: S41 moves clockwise, the S42 anticlockwise. The trains run throughout the day, during the rush hour in five-minute intervals, in the evening in ten-minute intervals.
On weekdays, the berlin s bahn starts running around 4.30 a.m. and stops service at 1.30 a.m. Depending on the time of day the trains run in five-, ten- or 20-minute intervals. On weekends, s bahn berlin trains run 24 hours, at night in 30 minute intervals. Important north-south-lines of the s bahn are the line S1 between Oranienburg and Wannsee, the S2 which runs between Bernau and Blankenfelde, and the S25 that runs between Teltow and Hennigsdorf (as its shown in berlin s bahn map).
S bahn Berlin covers 15 lines on a 330 kilometre long regional network and with almost 170 train stations (see berlin s bahn map). In the center of Berlin, the s bahn mostly runs above ground. Train stations can be identified by the green and white S symbol. The s bahn in Berlin is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn and is part of the Transport Association Berlin-Brandenburg VBB.