Old berlin map

Map of old berlin. Old berlin map (Germany) to print. Old berlin map (Germany) to download. What was to become Berlin was well outside the frontiers of the Roman Empire, and was inhabited by Germanic tribes. About 720 C.E., two Slavic tribes settled in the old berlin region—The Hevelli settled on the river Havel in Brandenburg, while the Sprevane settled close to the river Spree in today district of Berlin-Köpenick. About 750, The Hevelli founded Spandow (today Spandau). In the early ninth century, "Berolina" (old berlin map) was the name recorded in a Latin document of a small town in the region surrounded with a stockade, on a trade route linking southern Europe with the Baltic Sea.
The name Berlin appears for the first time in recorded history in 1244, seven years after that of its sister town, Kölln, with which it later merged (see old berlin map). Both were founded near the beginning of the 13th century. In 1987 both East and West old berlin celebrated the city 750th anniversary. Whatever the date of foundation, old berlin is certain that the two towns were established for geographic and mercantile reasons, as they commanded a natural east-west trade route over the Spree River.
Since old berlin foundation in the 13th century, Berlin has had an eventful history (see old berlin map). Following excavations in 2008, old berlin has just aged 45 years: municipal archaeologists have found an oak beam that could date back to 1183. Hardly any other metropolis has undergone such fundamental transformations or changed its face so frequently. While Berlin importance continued to grow, bright times alternated with dark times. But the once divided city has managed to become a bustling center of Europe.