Wedding berlin map

Berlin wedding map. Wedding berlin map (Germany) to print. Wedding berlin map (Germany) to download. Wedding (pronounced VED-ding) has a very different reputation than much of Mitte. Wedding is located just north of central Mitte (see wedding berlin map), the area of berlin is still a haven of relatively cheap rents in grand historical buildings. But the now tired saying, "Wedding kommt" ("Wedding is coming/developing"), has been uttered for years now and is more of a warning than a promise.
For years, Wedding was considered the problem child of Berlin neighborhoods (see wedding berlin map). Many lived in wedding by default, because the neighborhood was cheap, and the population was mostly poor. Nevertheless, Wedding has gradually transformed itself and in recent years it has become a cool and trendy neighborhood in berlin where it is good to live, just like the neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Neukölln.