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Map of schoeneberg berlin. Schoeneberg berlin map (Germany) to print. Schoeneberg berlin map (Germany) to download. In 1963, Schoeneberg was the centre of the political west of berlin (see schoeneberg berlin map), inspiring John F. Kennedy to choose this area to famously announce, "Ich bin ein Berliner." Times may have changed, but modern-day Schoeneberg still pays tribute to its historical legacies. Once the richest city outside of Berlin proper, the area affluent past is still visible in ornate housing facades dating back to the Gründerzeit of the 19th century, while residents in fur coats walking their dogs or shopping in high-end KaDeWe continue the tradition with a modern flair.

Map of schoeneberg berlin

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Schoneberg is located south of Berlin (as its shown in schoeneberg berlin map). schoeneberg berlin is surrounded to the north by Mitte, to the east by Kreuzberg and to the west by Charlottenburg. Renowned for its lively nightlife during the Roaring Twenties, for its gay bars and clubs, Schoeneberg was also one of the most important Jewish intellectual quarters before the Third Reich, where, among others, the film director Billy Wilder, the physicist Albert Einstein and the photographer Gisèle Freund lived.