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Berlin kreuzberg map. Kreuzberg map (Germany) to print. Kreuzberg map (Germany) to download. Like so many of Berlin coolest neighborhoods, Kreuzberg was once the area for immigrants, then squatters, then artists and students, and is now being taken over by a much richer crowd at a breathtaking pace (see the kreuzberg map). Bars in kreuzberg seem to breed here, as well as restaurants offering more exotic fare than schnitzel. There is a bohemian vibe in kreuzberg with a strong current of counter-culture. Massive works of art adorn the walls (look for the "people eater" as soon as you cross Oberbaumbrucke) and notable pieces that have become world-famous that have since gone missing.

Berlin kreuzberg map

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Thanks to a large Turkish community and more hippies, anarchists and alternative folks than you can shake a didgeridoo at, Kreuzberg (see the kreuzberg map) feels neither east nor west. It was the black sheep of West Berlin, literally parked in a dead-end corner by the Wall and left alone to play loud music and draw on the walls of kreuzberg. Every year since 1987, Kreuzberg relives its 15 minutes of fame during the May Day traditional political demonstrations, which invariably turn into a long night of stone-throwing and burning cars.
Berlin revolutionary heart and immigrant roots can both be found in Kreuzberg (kreuzberg map), but this central neighbourhood is beginning a new chapter. In the 1950s and '60s, Turkish guest workers settled around Kottbusser Tor, while in the 1980s and '90s, rambunctious squatters and artists gathered to live a carefree life in kreuzberg. An old hospital even became a hotspot of riots between squatters and police. Today you can still find the best kebabs in kreuzberg town and many underground clubs, but a lot has changed as well.