Jewish quarter berlin map

Map of jewish quarter berlin. Jewish quarter berlin map (Germany) to print. Jewish quarter berlin map (Germany) to download. The core of Berlin Jewish community was in the old Jewish quarter (see jewish quarter berlin map), which after Berlin division was in the Soviet sector. But since the reunification of Berlin it has reemerged and is nowadays packed with institutions, memorials and stories waiting for you to discover. During our tour through the berlin jewish quarter, we will visit the most important locations, where outstanding personalities lived and where Berlin’s Jewish history has taken place before, during and after the Holocaust. We will also experience stories of rescue and survival during the Nazi period, at the exact locations where they happened, while looking into the lives of German women and men who went into great danger in order to help Jews.

Map of jewish quarter berlin

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Over the centuries, Jews have left their mark on Berlin intellectual and cultural heritage (see jewish quarter berlin map). Moses Mendelssohn, Fanny Mendelssohn, Rosa Luxemburg and Albert Einstein are just a few names. Not all of them lived in berlin jewish quarter, but they were spread throughout all the neighborhoods of Berlin. About 170,000 Jews lived in Berlin in the 1920s. Most of them fled after 1933 or were forced to emigrate. 55,000 Berlin Jews were victims of the Shoah.