Berlin areas map

Berlin districts map. Berlin areas map (Germany) to print. Berlin areas map (Germany) to download. The reality is, Berlin is divided into 12 different administrative areas (as its shown in the berlin areas map). These areas, or Bezirk, are further broken down into Kiez. Even within the Kiez, areas are further split into street specific areas like Kollwitzkiez and Bergmannkiez—each with their own personality. The city arose through uniting many small villages and areas retain their village feel within berlin environment.

Berlin districts map

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Adding to the confusion, berlin areas are occasionally redrawn. Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, area neighboring Kiez, have recently been joined together. Wedding, with its own strong reputation, is now within Mitte which has a very different vibe (mentioned in berlin areas map). And the line that divided berlin has never really disappeared—a brick line still traces the path of the Berlin Wall. Less tangibly, Kiez are still distinguished as being in the East and the West and have traits passed down from that time.
Berlin is four times the size of Paris, and with 12 administrative areas subdivided into 23 Kiez neighbourhoods (see the berlin areas map), it is a good idea to grasp the geography of berlin before wandering around. Public transportation in this areas is very effective, and you will grow to love it as you shuttle between the areas. Twelve different faces, different stories, undiscovered places and a side of berlin you have never seen before – but still unmistakably Berlin.