Brandenburg gate berlin map

Map of brandenburg gate berlin. Brandenburg gate berlin map (Germany) to print. Brandenburg gate berlin map (Germany) to download. Berlin most famous historic landmark is the brandenburg gate (Brandenburger Tor), once a symbol of a divided nation and now a symbol of unity and peace. This Neoclassical gate of berlin was commissioned by King Frederick Wilhelm II in 1788, and brandenburg gate design was inspired by the Propylaea in Athens' Acropolis. The sandstone monument is 26 meters tall, standing in the Mitte district Pariser Platz, just a block from the Reichstag building (see brandenburg gate berlin map).

Map of brandenburg gate berlin

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The brandenburg gate is a must for every visitor to Berlin. Hardly any other view is on so many tourist selfies as the large sandstone gate in the heart of berlin (see brandenburg gate berlin map). The Brandenburg Gate plays an important role in city tours and is illuminated during events in the capital such as New Year Eve or Berlin. The gate was once a memorial to the division - after the construction of the wall it was in the restricted area and could not be visited from either the east or west. After the fall of the wall it became a symbol of German unity.